City Connectors

Campus Greensboro City Connectors

Greensboro is full of opportunities to learn, grow, and meet new people. The young professionals below in particular have made an expressed interest in connecting with Fellows who want to explore and learn more about Greensboro. Read about the City Connectors below and feel free to get in touch if you have questions about living and working in Greensboro, or introduce yourself if you see any of these friendly faces around town!



Hilda Tajalli

Hilda is a “boomerang” Greensboro resident who loves the city especially for the community it provides. Hilda grew up in Greensboro, graduated from UNC Chapel Hill, and worked in DC for a couple of years. She moved back to Greensboro in fall 2018 and works as a Commercial Real Estate Broker for Brown Investment Properties. Her dream job is to be a Community Organizer! If you were to meet with Hilda, she would love to take you to the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Brown Investment Properties

Ask me about:
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Community development
  • Wellness and wellness initiatives



Lindsay Burkart

A graduate of UNC Wilmington, Lindsay is now a Project Manager for Housing and Residence Life at UNC Greensboro. This self-proclaimed dreamer loves Greensboro’s little-big town feel! Lindsay believes a trip to Greensboro would not be complete without a visit to one of the 1618 Restaurant locations. You might catch her in a game of tennis, volunteering, or working on a designing/decorating project.

Project Manager

Housing & Residence Life at UNCG

Ask me about:

  • Tennis in Greensboro
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Designing/decorating



Amanda Loflin

This self-described “do-er” is both a part of Greensboro Downtown Parks team as the Director of Rentals and Special Events, and also is a Talent Buyer at the Carolina Theatre. Simply stated, Amanda is a fan of Greensboro’s unique feeling of community, and more specifically she enjoys LeBauer Park and the restaurants/bars on the corner of Walker and Elam. She attended The New School University in NYC and her dream job is to be a Festival Organizer for a large festival!

Director of Rentals & Special Events ~ Talent Buyer

GSO Downtown Parks ~ Carolina Theatre

Ask me about:
  • Concerts/live music
  • Favorite picks for good food
  • Festivals




Taylor Collins

Taylor is a big fan of golfing, hunting, and fishing – three outdoors sports which are readily accessible to any Greensboro resident. A graduate of Wingate University, Taylor is now a Project Manager for Collins & Galyon General Contractors in Greensboro. Taylor’s favorite places in Greensboro are Pastabilities and the ACC Hall of Champions!

Project Manager

Collins & Galyon General Contractors

Ask me about:



Mary Lesa Pegg

Mary Lesa is an alumnus of both East Carolina University (undergrad) and the University of North Carolina Greensboro, where she received her MEd in Higher Education. She now works as a Graduate Recruitment Manager at the Bryan School of Business and Economics.


An energetic resident of Greensboro, Mary Lesa loves that the city is a place for opportunity. She asserts that “whether you are looking to make friends, start a business, serve on a non-profit board, etc., there are always people and organizations that will support you.” Mary Lesa loves trying new local restaurants and breweries, and would love to introduce you to Little Brother Brewing and Crafted – The Art of the Taco!

Graduate Recruitment Manager
Bryan School of Business at UNCG

Ask me about:
  • Local restaurants/breweries
  • Yoga
  • DIY projects



Michael Truong

Now a Commercial Banker with BB&T, Michael attended Greensboro’s neighboring UNC Charlotte before becoming a Greensboro resident. Michael asserts that Greensboro offers something to satisfy the most varied of interests. You may catch Michael sampling a craft cocktail at one of Greensboro’s various food and drink venues, participating in a fitness activity, or attending some of Greensboro’s many opportunities for local live music.

Commercial Banker


Ask me about:
  • Local 5Ks/races to enter
  • Where to dance salsa/bachata
  • Where to see a nearby symphony


Tyler Wiersma

Tyler is a graduate of the University of Mount Union (BS) and also Kent State University (MEd). He moved to Greensboro from Ohio in 2017 and now serves as the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Professional Development at UNC Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business. Tyler appreciates Greensboro’s diversity, and also its appeal of “big city feel and small city traffic.” Tyler’s ideal Saturday in Greensboro would be to go to Crafted: The Art of the Taco for lunch, followed by a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game, and end the night at Boxcar Bar + Arcade.

Assistant Director of Undergrad Professional Development

Bryan School of Business at UNCG

Ask me about:
  • Baseball
  • Spots for gamers/arcades
  • Places to go for craft beer


Kennedy Currie

A Greensboro native, Kennedy says she looked everywhere else for opportunity, but as fate had it, received her first “Yes!” opportunity right here in Greensboro. Now a Community Manager at Launch Greensboro, Kennedy wants to emphasize that there are plenty of opportunities for young professionals in our city.


She received both her BA and MA in Communication from High Point University. Kennedy’s hobbies include entrepreneurship (which Launch GSO works to cultivate), singing and live music, and her favorite place to socialize is Fat Tuesday. Kennedy firmly believes that Greensboro “will always be my city, no matter where life takes me.”

Community Manager
Launch Greensboro

Ask me about:
  • Local live music
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Basketball



Amanda Miller

Amanda is involved in artistic pursuits in many spheres. She earned a BA in Art History and Cultural Studies from Salem College, which she followed with an MEd in Community Arts from Lesley University. She now works as the Director of Programs and Marketing for the Greensboro Downtown Parks. If she were to take someone on a tour of Greensboro, she would take them to the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Elsewhere, Design Archives, and obviously the downtown parks.

Director of Programs, Marketing

Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc.

Ask me about:
  • Creative community involvement
  • Visual art/storytelling
  • Where to go thrifting



Libby Schinnow

Libby is a transplant to Greensboro from Florida. She is a University of Florida alumnus who now works as a Graphic/Web Designer for UNC Greensboro. Libby also enjoys art and DIY projects, as well as cooking and rock climbing. If you were to go exploring Greensboro with Libby (exploring is another one of her favorite activities), she may introduce you to some of her favorite spots – Super G Mart supermarket, Yum Yums Better Icecream and Hotdogs, and Lebauer Park!

Graphic/Web Designer


Ask me about:

  • Cooking
  • Rock climbing spots
  • Arts/culture

Walt Yates

A double graduate of Elon University (undergraduate and MBA), Walt is now a Financial Services Professional for MassMutual Carolinas. Amidst his professional life, Walt’s aspirations include being a great family man and friend. Walt is confident that Greensboro is growing towards an ever brightening future – he says “it’s a place where you can have an idea and then make it happen.” You may find Walt playing and watching sports, enjoying local restaurants/breweries with friends, and occasionally miss him due to his love of traveling.

Financial Services Professional

MassMutual Carolinas

Ask me about:

  • Local restaurants/breweries
  • Innovation in Greensboro
  • Local sport events/leagues



Megan Mabry

Megan has a taste for adventure! A self described trailblazer, she aspires to grow up to be a “person that tells good stories.” This graduate of Appalachian State University now lives and works in Greensboro as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. If the chance arose, she would introduce a newcomer to Greensboro to Kau Restaurant, Butcher and Bar and Joymongers Brewing Co.

Director of Marketing & Comm

Greensboro Chamber of Commerce

Ask me about:

  • Live music
  • Travel within driving distance
  • Theatre/arts



Alexandra Pappas

Alex is a graduate of Greensboro’s neighboring UNC Chapel Hill and is now a Marketing and Communications Specialist for Volvo Group. In her spare time, Alex loves being outdoors, fitness, and Greensboro’s breweries. If you were a visitor new to Greensboro, Alex would first take you to breakfast at the Green Bean Golden Gate, followed by a walk at Bur-Mil Park, a beer on Joymongers‘ patio, and then Fishbones for dinner. What else does she love about Greensboro? A self-described connector, Alex invites you to come grab a coffee or a beer with her and she’ll tell you!

Marketing & Comm Specialist

Volvo Group

Ask me about:
  • Where to go for fitness activities
  • Breweries/restaurants
  • Community engagement