ITG Brands is the nation’s third-largest tobacco company with offerings of some of the most well-known cigarette, cigar, and electronic vapor products. ITG Brands carries at its core, the mindset that, in order to succeed, a company must treat its people well and give them the tools they need to win.

Internship Description

ITG Brands’ Finance team maximizes the value of the organization through analysis, planning, and implementation of management resources while balancing risk and profitability.  The Finance Intern will focus on evaluating and creating a state level profitability model for our Factory Made Cigarette products (FMC) Segment. The model is expected to help the Company evaluate the financial performance of its brands by state, and help determine where it is winning and/or losing financially. Currently, the Company measures state-level results using sales volumes. Once the model is completed, the expectation is to move the model from Excel into a more dynamic, data driven, and analytical Power BI model that helps transform the data into useful information. The Company will then use this model to help our business partners make better strategic business decisions. If time allows, other forecasting models will be moved into Power BI as well.