Arch Mortgage Insurance Company is the flagship U.S.-based mortgage insurer of Arch Capital Group Ltd., a leading insurance and reinsurance company operating through its subsidiaries worldwide.

Internship Description

Automated Underwriting (AQUA) is an Arch MI initiative to develop a unified Loan Registration workflow management and an automated Underwriting platform for MI, Contract Underwriting and Independent Validation Business units. This is a strategic program, spanning a multi-year road map with defined quarterly milestones. This portal integrates with other origination upstream and downstream systems and provides an integrated experience for the Loan Registration users, Underwriters, Post close analysts, QC users and Customer service users.

Arch MI seeks an intern with experience in software design, coding and debugging. Intern will work on the Underwriting Automation team to help develop products for Arch MI and will gain exciting real-world software engineering experience. Intern will learn how to code in pairs and perform test-driven development on our web applications and the Rest services that support them. Intern will query databases to find data for testing and analyze trends of the usage of the applications.

Environment: Java 8, Rest Service with JSON formats, Angular, No-SQL DB (Mongo DB) and SQL