Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving as the executive management of LeBauer and Center City Parks in downtown GSO. The organization annually hosts over 400 free community programs, including movie nights, concert series, wellness classes, children’s programs, and more. Over 200,000 yearly visitors find a touch of home in Greensboro’s downtown parks, driving the organization’s work in placemaking through active, inviting, and community-centered urban green spaces.

Internship Description

– Implements innovative techniques in marketing of park spaces, programs, and events in LeBauer & Center City Parks

– Uses social media as a central tool for building the organization’s brand centered around storytelling and finding a place in the downtown parks

– Develops an original engagement project or campaign with the park community implementing both in-person activation and online marketing tools to generate meaning, gather data, and/or creatively archive around topics of placemaking through the parks

– Assists with other areas of marketing as needed, including creating print materials, editing website, data tracking & analysis, writing copy, generating digital content, and documenting programs and events via video/photos/interviews/surveys, etc.