Hire a FinTech Intern

A new program in summer 2020, the Campus Greensboro FinTech Summer Residency Program, in partnership with Elon University and NC A&T State University, connects qualified business, computer science, and finance majors with Greensboro businesses and serves to further align college-level curricula with employer needs. Residents (students) in the program will gain experience building products in a real-life setting in order to be strong candidates for Greensboro’s tech jobs. Residents will participate in:

  • A paid 20-30 hour/week internship in the FinTech field with local industry partners
  • An eight module seminar course taught by Elon University and NC A&T faculty covering areas of FinTech specified by employers (see curriculum below)
  • A full two-day training with the Center for Creative Leadership
  • A civic hackathon addressing a real FinTech issue in our community
  • Greensboro co-working space membership and professional coaching

Outside of paying your intern for employment, there is no cost to the employer nor the student to participate in this program.

As an internship host through this program, Campus Greensboro will help you recruit top talent for your FinTech internships through our relationships with Elon University and NC A&T State University. Benefits of partnering include:

  • Assistance building and/or improving an internship program within your organization
  • A streamlined application process
  • Promotion of your opportunities to students at Elon and NC A&T
  • A program that serves as a retention tool, connecting your intern(s) with the city to experience what life would be like as a young professional living and working in Greensboro
  • An opportunity for your intern(s) to participate in a 2-day leadership training through the Center for Creative Leadership
  • A program that grows our city’s reputation as a place to land post-graduation when students realize they can build their career here

The eight module course will occur on Mondays throughout the summer. The curriculum is as follows:

  • June 8: Contemporary Issues: A rapidly changing banking and payments industry 
  • June 15: Tools for innovators: Design thinking for problem-solving and utilizing the voice of the customer
  • June 22: Data to Decisions (part 1): Understanding the power of data and data fundamentals 
  • June 29: Data to Decisions (part 2): Big Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for financial decisions 
  • July 6: Enterprise information security and ethics
  • July 13: Project management and value streams (this should be earlier)
  • July 20: Demystifying blockchain and cryptocurrency 
  • July 27: Forging the future of FinTech

The FinTech Residents will participate in a 2-day training with the Center for Creative Leadership on June 1-2. The civic hackathon will be introduced at the beginning of the summer and projects will be presented at a symposium on August 3.

For employers to be eligible, they must be able to provide a paid internship in FinTech over the summer for 20-30 hours per week. 

For a student to be eligible for the FinTech Residency Program, they must fit the following criteria:

  • Junior, senior, or graduate student currently enrolled at Elon University or NC A&T State University
  • Majoring in relevant fields such as computer science, accounting, finance, business analytics, industrial and systems engineering
  • 3.0 or higher GPA

The financial industry has witnessed an accelerated digital transformation driven by advanced analytics, global cyber landscape, digitally savvy customers,  and business models innovation. The emergence of new FinTech (financial technologies) such as mobile payment, online lending, saving and investing, robo-advisers, and personalized health insurance have presented new challenges to existing financial business models. It is critical for individuals who work in this sector to develop a clear understanding of the changes shaping the industry. The objective of this program is to shed light on technological and business forces driving the industry and harnessing them in the best possible way.


There is no catch! The only requirements of our employer partners are:

  • All internships must be paid – regardless whether a student is receiving course credit.
    • But there is no cost for you to recruit through us and no cost for your interns to be in the FinTech Residency Program.
  • If you recruit an intern through us, they automatically become a FinTech Resident.
    • When students apply, they are committing to both their internship and the FinTech Residency Program – including the eight module course.

To partner, please submit your internship(s) for posting by January 3, 2020. Students will apply for internships through February 17, 2020.