Campus Greensboro Mentor Program

The Campus Greensboro Fellows Program is a competitive, 10-week summer program that engages college students with Greensboro through industry internships, leadership development training and local activities to experience our city as young working professionals. Fellows in the program are matched with mentors who are leaders in our community. Our Mentor Program is designed to help members of Greensboro leadership share their knowledge with these college students in order to help them gain expertise and build their professional networks.

This is a formal relationship in which the mentor will guide mentees in their professional development. Each mentor will be matched with one or two Fellows who will be their mentee(s). Both the mentor and mentee(s) will commit to the program and stay connected over the summer. Over the 10-week duration of the Fellows Program, each mentor/mentee pair should meet at least once per month (in-person or virtually), resulting in at least three meetings by the program’s conclusion in early-August. It is up to the mentor whether they would like to meet with each mentee one-on-one or meet with both mentees together.

Words from Past Mentors:

“The Fellows Program is an excellent opportunity for current business leaders to connect with future leaders in Greensboro. I have mentored the Fellows for a few years, and every year I feel like I ‘get’ as much or more than I ‘give’ to these outstanding students. The program is important to ensure we keep our top talent at home in the Piedmont Triad.” – John Brandberg, Mehoopany Plant Finance Director, Proctor & Gamble

“One of the most fulfilling things a career professional can do is engage in important work with smart, fun people. That statement perfectly describes my experience mentoring as part of the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program.” – Jack Whitley, Managing Member, Applied Media LLC

Thank you for your interest in serving as a mentor for the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program!

Please note that the more detail you provide in your answers in the interest survey below, the better we can match you to mentees with similar interests. Our goal is to match mentors and mentees based on career interests, industry, and personality. Although we hope to match everyone, filling out this interest form is not a guarantee that you will be matched with a mentee.

Thank you again for your support of Campus Greensboro!

2024 Mentor Interest Survey

How am I matched with my mentees?

Once you commit to being a mentor, you will receive a survey that asks about your career, personality, hobbies/interests, etc. The information you provide through the survey will allow us to match you to your mentees. The more detail you provide in your survey, the better we can match you.

What should I do with my mentees?

How you want to spend time with your mentees is up to you! Most mentors take their mentees to coffee, lunch, etc. Many students are looking for guidance on their career goals and connections. Remember, we want to inspire these future leaders to stay in Greensboro! We encourage you to show your mentees your “world” – whether that is taking them to a board meeting, introducing them to your colleagues, inviting them to networking events, etc. Additionally, if you have a similar hobby/interest, you can participate together! We’ve even had a mentor take their mentee fly fishing!

What is the Mentor Networking Event?

If we are able to host this even in person, the Mentor Networking Event will be a sit-down dinner where you will meet your mentees for the first time. If we need to have the event virtually, we will have a Zoom event using breakout rooms so that mentors and mentees can have one-on-one conversations. All mentors must be in attendance – otherwise  your mentees will be at the event without you.

How else can I be involved as a mentor?

Outside of the Mentor Networking Event and meeting with your mentees regularly throughout the summer, we have several events that you are invited to attend including the Welcome Reception and Campus Greensboro Day Celebration.

Interested in being a mentor?

Contact Jay Cannon at

Adam Duggins Ed Kitchen Michael Hahn
Alison Sigmon Elizabeth Paul Nancy Hoffmann
Alison Wiers Emily Anderson Nancy Radtke
Allen Atchley Emily Hinton Nasha McCray
Allie Petrova Emily McCollum Nick Piornack
Andy Lamb Frankie Jones Ollie Chandhok
Andy Zimmerman Ivan Canada Paige Heilig
April Harris Jack Whitley Pam Barrett
Ashley Wigglesworth Jacqueline McCracken Wall Parrish Peddrick
Ashton Clemmons James Blackwell Patricia (Pat) Soenksen
Austin Homan Jami Goldberg Patrick Kane
Barbara Harris Jeanine Falcon Paul Jeffrey
Barbara Peck Jeanine Meagher Phil Fleischmann
Beth Boulton Jim Donnelly Racheal Sanders
Beth Hemphill Jim Melvin Rashanda Harrid
Bob stec Jodee Ruppel Rashanda Harris
Brandon Kemps John Brandberg Richard (Skip) Moore
Brent Christensen John Chapman Rob Overman
Brook Wingate John Merrill Rob Travia
Burney Jennings John Simms Robert Campbell
Carole Simms José A. Sandoval Sam Bostian
Catherine Burnett Justin Williams-Blackwell Sarah Healy
Cheri Timmons Kathi Lester Shawn Gagne
Cheryl Stewart Kathleen Bradley Shawn Straub
Chip Hagan Kerrie Rogers Sherry Lowes
Chris Rivera Kristen Yntema Steve Osborne
Chris Wilson Larry Jerome Steven Buter
Chuck Wallington Laura Way Stu Nichols
Daniel Shoaf Lee Lloyd Sue Schwartz
Danielle Oxendine Lou Anne Flanders-Stec Susan Shumaker
Dave Leeper Luck Davidson Tammy Alt
David Hagan Manny Clark Tim Leisman
David Parrish Manuel Dudley Tom Guerrieri
Dawn Chaney Margaret Winslow Trey Miller
Deborah Hooper Maria Thurlow Victor Blackburn
Denny Kelly Mark Prince Wendy Walker-Fox
Diane Rumley Marty Overman Whitney Frye
Diedrich Schmidt Mary Jo Cagle Wilson Lester
Donna Newton Mary O’Keeffe Zac Engle
Ed Bowling Melissa Riffe-Guyer Zack Matheny