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Next in FinTech: Community Challenge

October 12-19, 2020

Campus Greensboro is launching the inaugural Next in FinTech: Community Challenge in October 2020. During this virtual week-long event, student teams from colleges and universities statewide will tackle a community issue related to COVID-19 that could be mitigated by financial technology. All activities will be completely virtual.

During this event:

  • Student teams will choose from two community challenges: one related to healthcare and one related to economic relief, with a focus on racial equity.
  • Industry experts will provide 5 different virtual workshops in a variety areas of FinTech (see schedule below).
  • Students will be provided a “Success Squad” of coaches and mentors to help them.
  • Teams will compete to come up with the best ideas to assist community partners in COVID-19 relief. The winning team will earn up to $2,500!

Thank you to our presenting sponsor, the Guilford Merchants Assocation (GMA)!

We are looking for sponsors and workshop speakers. Position yourself as a dynamic tech leader in front of next generation tech talent.


All events are virtual via Zoom. Student teams are required to attend opening and closing ceremonies and for at least two team members to attend each workshop. Bonus cash can be earned based on increased team member attendance to the events.

Workshops are free and open to the public!

Click on each event below to register through Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link to access the event after you register.

OCTOBER 12-19, 2020

6:00 PM: Pop-Up Workshop – Designing & Building for Customers: Customer Insights & Human Centered Design
Presented by Cooper Ambjorn-Olsen, Experience Designer, Digital Product Advocate, and Customer Researcher at Truist

6:00 PM: Pop-Up Workshop – Big Data Analytics, Data Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Presented by Ben Pattison, Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking at Bank of America

12:00 PM: Community FAQ Session
6:00 PM: Pop-Up Workshop – Demystifying Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Presented by Dori Zimnoch, Global Head of Digital Strategy at Volvo Financial Services

12:00 PM: Pop-Up Workshop – Forging the Future of FinTech
Presented by Rohini Belavadi, SVP, Head of IT at Arch MI

Working Days

9:00 AM: Video Pitch Deadline
6:30 PM: Awards Ceremony and Winners Announced (open to the public and live-streamed)

Student team signups are currently closed. Interested in learning about internship opportunities and other future events? Sign up for our email list here!

During this week-long virtual event, your team will be introduced to a challenge posed by community partners in healthcare and economic development related to COVID-19 relief and racial equity. As a team, you will select the challenge you are interested in solving. These challenges will be real issues that these partners need help with – great ideas could be implemented to help the Greensboro community!

Throughout the week, you will:

  • Meet your “Success Squad” – a team of mentors and coaches to help you formulate your ideas and create your pitch
  • Attend an Opening Ceremony to learn about the posed challenges (all team members must participate)
  • Engage in provided workshops presented by industry experts in FinTech (at least 2 team members must attend each workshop; more team member participation will lead to a larger cash prize for the winning team)
  • Join a Community FAQ session where you are able to ask questions of the community partners who are posing the challenge you selected
  • Submit a 3-minute video presentation showcasing how your team would “solve” the challenge
  • Attend a Closing Ceremony where we will showcase all team presentations and announce the winner

The winning team for each challenge will win $1,500 with the opportunity to win a bonus $1,000 depending on team member participation throughout the week.

That means there will be two winning teams that will win up to $2,500 for each team!

Every team member will:

  • Gain experience and knowledge in FinTech
  • Have the opportunity to network with industry leaders
  • Receive a swag box including a t-shirt
  • Earn a participation badge to showcase on your LinkedIn and resume to share your experience with employers


  • Teams may consist of 3-5 members; all team members must be currently enrolled in a college or university in North Carolina
  • Team members can be any level in school (freshmen-graduate level) and any major; however, it is to your advantage to have team members studying computer science, information sciences, engineering, finance, and other related fields

Questions/concerns? Please reach out to

Each student team in the Next in FinTech Community Challenge will be provided a Success Squad, which includes a FinTech Industry Professional, a Community Mentor, and a Pitch Coach. We need dedicated community members to volunteer in this roles!

To serve on a Success Squad, you do not need to have a certain level of experience. Our only requirements are:

  • You relate to one of the roles detailed below
  • You live in the Triad area
  • You enjoy working with college students
  • You are available and willing to communicate with and assist your student team throughout the week of October 12-19, 2020

This week-long event is completely virtual.

FinTech Industry Professional & Scrum Master: A person who works in a field related to FinTech and can assist student teams with integrating FinTech into their solution to the community challenge. This role will also help their student team use Scrum Methodology to facilitate and deliver their solution.

Community Mentor: A person who is involved in the Greensboro community and can assist student teams with learning about and accessing community resources that could be helpful to them when solving the community challenge. Ideally, this role will be connected to one of the community challenge providers – i.e., a board member, volunteer, employee, etc.

Pitch Coach & Motivator: A person who has experience helping others with presentations and public speaking skills and can assist student teams with creating, practicing, and recording their 3-minute solution pitch that will be presented to the judges. This role will also act as the “motivator” throughout the week – keeping the teams on track and engaged.

Questions? Please contact Lizzy Tahsuda at

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