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What makes opportunity thrive in Greensboro, North Carolina? We think our appeal as a place to build a life and a livelihood begins with the culture of knowledge, innovation and creativity that is spurred by the seven institutions of higher learning located in Greensboro.


This intellectual capital fuels the engine of our diversified, economically vibrant business community.

Greensboro’s ability to grow, retain and attract a well-educated and skilled work force is essential in today’s knowledge based economy. Campus Greensboro is committed to improving connections between the talented local 50K+ college students and our business and leadership community and working to better prepare these students for the 21st century workforce.  The Fellows Program is a structured, 10-week summer program that will engage college students with Greensboro through industry internships, leadership development training and local activities to experience our city as young working professionals.

The Fellows Program annually seeks high-quality paid internship opportunities from a pool of diverse, local corporations and organizations. The competitive program will work with the local higher education institutions to source the brightest emerging students in parallel fields to meet your intern needs.

Learn why our partners support and participate in the program:


“The talent we were able to choose from was exceptional, and our intern exceeded our expectations.”
President, Boulton Creative


“In the past, we could only reach one or two schools with our resources. The Fellows Program allowed us to pull from all of the area schools to give us the largest pool of candidates.”
President, Xtern Software, Inc.


“VF invests in the Fellows Program because we believe talent is fundamental to our success, and we highly value the many exceptional students at the universities and colleges here in the city that is home to our world headquarters – Greensboro NC.”

Vice President, Global Talent Management, VF Corporation


“Cone Health has hosted seven Fellows thus far and looks forward to hosting more in the future! Our interns have been engaged and enthusiastic about learning throughout the 10-week program. Plus, the Fellows Program staff makes the entire process of reviewing applications and interviewing students simple. They do the heavy lifting!”
Manager, Talent Development, Cone Health

What You Need To Know

How do I submit my Internship for the Summer Fellows Program?

The internship description form above is designed to help you craft your internship description.

Please complete the form above for each individual internship opportunity available. Once your internship description form is received, the Fellows Program Director will review it, post it on the Internships page, and be in touch with the internship coordinator about next steps.


Please note: to maintain the integrity of the Fellows Program, we are seeking high-touch, quality, paid internship opportunities for our local college students. If your internship is accepted as part of the Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program, you will be contacted by the Fellows Program Director.

How do I know if I need an intern?

Many different types of organizations—large, small, non-profit, for-profit, technical, non-technical— benefit from internship programs. Talk to managers in your company to assess your needs. Could you use help with a specific project, task or research? Would a new, fresh perspective boost an area of your organization? Do you have a technical need, such as updating your website? Would any employees be more productive if they had some assistance?
Employers have the opportunity to train our future workforce. This is your chance to train your future colleagues. One day, your interns may work at your own organization or at a partnering company. Take the time to immerse them in the company and make them experts in the field, and you’ll ensure yourself an easy work relationship with this person later in his/her career. In other words, train them to work to your standards. Mid-level staff members have the opportunity to manage. Many companies opt to have their interns report to mid-level employees who show promise as future managers. It’s a great way to test their abilities and mentor them through the management process before putting them in a supervising role. It’s like an advertisement to college students. The well-connected, tech-savvy and highly social demographic of young college students can be tough to reach and influence. Organizations that employ interns have regular access to this group, and interns experience and embrace the products or causes of their employers. They become cheerleaders for the organization, representing it online and in person to their networks. Who knows—you might find your next full-time employee. Think of an internship as the longest job interview out there. As the weeks pass, you can assess the strengths and talents of the student, as well as the needs of your company. You might find that the role they fill as an intern becomes invaluable, or that it could be adjusted or expanded in order to keep a star employee at your company.

What support will the Fellows Program provide participating businesses and organizations?
  • Competitive matching and selection of emerging talent from our local institutions.
  • The Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program Director will work throughout the summer to assist in program evaluation, design, site visits, and internship mentorship.
How will Fellows be supported throughout the summer?

The Fellows cohort will work directly with the Program Director throughout the 10-week program – the Program Director serves as an additional mentor for professional development, managing internship relationships in the workplace, and as an adviser for the Fellows.

  • Fellows will spend two days completing the Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute at the Center for Creative Leadership,  a top-ranked, global provider of executive education that develops better leaders through its exclusive focus on leadership education and research.
  • Professional development sessions throughout the summer including LinkedIn, personal finance, and more.
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities with Greensboro leaders.
  • Opportunities to experience and explore Greensboro as a young working professional with the Fellows cohort.

You can download application PDF form and email back to us or fill out the online form below.
Summer Fellows Program Internship Form [PDF Download].

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Internship Descriptions Submitted for consideration

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Internship Descriptions Advertised to the local Greensboro Colleges and Universities

Friday, April 8, 2016

Internship Interview Day

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Fellows Program Offers Given to Students

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Center for Creative Leadership Training

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Internships Begin

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