Campus Greensboro is an initiative of Action Greensboro dedicated to preparing college and university students for a professional environment and helping them envision a future living and working in Greensboro, North Carolina. Through our flagship program, the Fellows Program, and other year-round programming and events, our mission is to better prepare our local talent for the workforce, motivate students to explore all that the city has to offer outside of their campus communities, and help students discover career options post-graduation.

Meet Our Staff

Caroline Dean Glover

Caroline Dean Glover, Student Engagement & Events Manager for Campus Greensboro, has a passion for connecting college students to their greater community, whether that be through professional or personal networks. Creating strong connections throughout college is important for students as they search to find their next steps after graduation, and Caroline is committed to helping students build relationships with important mentors and community leaders. With a master’s in higher education, Caroline enjoys working with students from all education backgrounds as they are pursuing their goals in college.

Lizzy Tahsuda

Lizzy Tahsuda, Director of Campus Greensboro, has worked with college students in a career development role for over five years. Lizzy believes that career counseling reaches far beyond the resume critique and enjoys assisting students with exploring their passions and finding where they fit in the professional world. With a master’s in counseling psychology, Lizzy understands the importance of meeting students where they are, and tailoring communication and leadership to individuals in a diverse group.

Cecelia Thompson

Cecelia Thompson, Executive Director of Action Greensboro, leads a variety of efforts to continue the growth of Greensboro to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce. Cecelia has a successful track record in community organizing and project incubation that spans from the creation of programs, urban development projects, political campaigns and business recruitment. A native Floridian and passionate North Carolinian, Cecelia is a product of a transformative internship experience that inspires her passion for workplace learning.

Our History

After research on student retention and business involvement in our local colleges and universities, Action Greensboro and Opportunity Greensboro came together to launch the Fellows Program in 2016. 

Opportunity Greensboro: A Business and Collegiate Partnership is a consortium of the business and higher education leaders who are working to further the connections between businesses and our colleges and universities. Through this national model of collaboration, Opportunity Greensboro identifies and acts on opportunities to transform Greensboro’s wealth of educational assets into commercial success—creating for Greensboro a competitive advantage for business growth.

Opportunity Greensboro focuses on four areas that leverage academic strengths into success: marketing, common programs, entrepreneurship, and K–12 education. The group’s first projects included establishing the community-wide marketing theme, “Opportunity Thrives Here, So Can You”, the launch of the STEM Early College at NC A&T, a collaborative venture with Guilford County Schools, and the shared downtown “Union Square Campus” scheduled for completion this Fall 2016. 

In 2018 after a successful third year of the Fellows Program, the program expanded into Campus Greensboro. Campus Greensboro now manages the same summer Fellows Program, but has recently launched a spring internship initiative – Spring Forward. Campus Greensboro also hosts year-round programming and events for students focused on local industry awareness and connecting to businesses in Greensboro.

About Action Greensboro

Action Greensboro serves as a national model for city-based collaborative philanthropic investment in the U.S. Action Greensboro is comprised of six local charitable foundations that work collaboratively with the Chamber of Commerce, as the city’s primary economic and community development group. We are a catalyst for public-private partnerships and serve as an intersection of government, education, nonprofit sector, entrepreneurial community, arts & culture and young professionals. Through our programs, we align the needs of employers and coordinate existing education and workforce development initiatives to attract, connect and develop the next generation of workforce. We uphold and share a bold vision for advancing the community to meet the demands of the 21st century, while driving the demands of this vision with quick action, determination, high energy and nimbleness. Our staff has diverse skill sets including public policy, strategic communications, nonprofit management, business, transportation, urban planning and higher education.