2017 Welcome Reception at VF Corporation

For the second year, the Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program is holding two anchor events throughout the summer – the Welcome Reception in mid-June and the Closing Reception in early August. These events anchor the program, as they take place after the 10-week Fellows Program begins and right before the Fellows Program ends in mid-August.

VF Corporation graciously hosted the 2nd annual 2017 Welcome Reception and welcomed over 120 guests to their Greensboro headquarters on June 21. Leaders from VF Corporation greeted the group and shared information about the Fellows Program and why it is important for the greater community. In addition, this year attendees had the opportunity to hear from two additional community leaders. The guest speakers included:

Ron Lawrence, Vice President, Global Talent Management 
Anita GrahamVice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Nancy Vaughan, Mayor, City of Greensboro
Tim Rice, former Cone Health CEO, Opportunity Greensboro Co-chair


Guests included the 53 Fellows, 53 mentors, Opportunity Greensboro leaders, Fellows Program Event Sponsors, Fellows Program Corporate Partners, internship site supervisors, internship site human resources representatives, Center for Creative Leadership facilitators for the Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute, and campus partners. All attendees enjoyed meeting the Fellows, expanding their local networks, and spending an evening at VF Corporation.

The Fellows expressed their gratitude to mentors, event sponsors, and corporate partners, as they understand that the Fellows Program is an investment in their individual and professional development, and the program would not exist without Opportunity Greensboro taking the lead.



Thank you to VF Corporation for hosting the 2017 Fellows Program Welcome Reception!