Campus Greensboro: New Brand, New Vision

After 3 successful years of the Fellows Program being under Opportunity Greensboro, it is time to branch out and expand. [You can read more about the history of Opportunity Greensboro and the Fellows Program here].

With 50,000 college students in Greensboro, our mission is to broaden our reach and help more college students see Greensboro as a place to live, work, and play post-graduation. Which brings us to our new brand: Campus Greensboro.

Campus Greensboro aims to attract and retain bright talent to meet the needs of Greensboro’s developing economy. By connecting college students to industry, developing professional and leadership capabilities, and showcasing Greensboro’s unique quality of life, students become prepared for the workforce. Meeting these goals culminates in successfully marketing Greensboro as a vibrant university city in which recent graduates can launch their careers.

Campus Greensboro will still hold our flagship initiative, the Summer Fellows Program, but will also include year-round programming on campuses to work toward our goal of local students seeing Greensboro not only as a university city, but as a place to thrive as a young professional. This year-round programming will be fueled by conversations with local employers and what they are looking for in emerging talent.

So many individuals and organizations have played a role in this initiative, and we are so grateful for how the community has rallied behind the Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program. We look forward to your continued support as we launch Campus Greensboro and show college students that Greensboro is their campus.