Featured Fellow: Abinaya Muralidharan

Please meet today’s Featured Fellow, Abinaya Muralidharan!A.Muralidharan

Originally from India, Abinaya Muralidharan is studying Information Technology at NC A&T and will graduate in December 2016. Abinaya is a software engineering intern at United Guaranty Corporation (UGC) this summer, and she aspires to develop software applications to help society. Abinaya’s mentor through the Fellows Mentorship Program is a local lawyer – we hope Abinaya can learn about the legal side of developing applications in the future!

Abinaya shares about her experience at United Guaranty Corporation: First of all, I would like to thank the Opportunity Greensboro leadership, Fellows Program staff, and United Guaranty Corporation. The Fellows Program is a great opportunity for each of us where we can learn and gain more industry experience, which will implicitly improve our knowledge and make us prepared to accomplish great heights in the Corporate world.

My experience at UGC with the IT services team is awesome – the team has made me feel very comfortable by adding my list of “things I want to learn from this Internship” to their task lists. I have been involved in all the pieces of the puzzle from the back-end services to the user interface. My suggestions and requests have been given importance, which makes me feel good and confident. By the time I complete this internship, I am sure I will have gained all the technical knowledge I wanted to learn, and I will be able to perform well in any task I am assigned. Apart from technical knowledge, I am also learning soft skills and improving my ability to work in a team.

Thank you once again for this opportunity.