Featured Fellow: Erika Malloy

Please meet Erika Malloy, our Featured Fellow today!

Erika Malloy will graduate from UNCG in December 2016 with a major in Liberal Studies. This summer, Erika is interning with Global Brands Group in the functional area of inventory/planning/logistics. Erika has an interest in working for Buzzfeed in the future!

Erika shares about her experience at GBG: 

As a LoE.Malloy 2gistics intern, I have been granted the opportunity to work with such a great and intricate part of Global Brands Group. Throughout my internship, I learned all about what Logistics entails – for example, I discovered that there are three main characteristics of Logistics; supply-chain management, resource management, and planning. All three characteristics are an umbrella for the many tasks that are completed on a daily basis in order to keep companies running. Overall, my internship in Logistics at GBG has been an absolutely wonderful experience.

Not only have I gained experience with logistics, but prior to beginning my internship, I was able to discover more about what leadership truly means. After attending the Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute at the Center for Creative Leadership, I went into my internship eager to create relationships with those on my team and soak up as much information while interning with GBG. Overall, I can say that I truly feel appreciated working with a great group of people, and when my internship concludes, I am grateful to continue working with GBG! Overall, my internship has taught me the importance of developing positive relationships with teammates, as well as with the other businesses that I communicated with on a daily basis.

Thank you to everyone who helped and devoted their time to create such a great program!