Featured Fellow: Robert Hunter, III

Please meet today’s Featured Fellow, Robert Hunter, III.Robert Hunter 3

Robert Hunter, III is a rising senior at NC A&T studying accounting. In the future, Robert’s dream job is to be an accountant for the government. In Greensboro, Robert appreciates the history, diversity, and location of NC A&T. This summer, Robert will intern at Global Brands Group (GBG) in the accounting department, and after graduating from A&T, he has an interest in graduate school for his MBA.

Robert shares about his accounting internship at GBG: 

I cannot begin to explain how blessed I am to be an intern at Global Brands Group. I have been working as a Royalty Accounting intern for seven weeks now, and from day one it has been constant work thrown at me. GBG really knows how to keep their employees engaged on a daily basis – even in the midst of work, GBG hosts special events to help their employees relieve stress. For example, GBG hosts weekly fitness camps after work, Gelato & Fruit with the managers, and participates in a Lunch & Learn with our Executive VP of Finance. Attention to detail will take you far in this internship, as numbers need to be precise down to the decimal. One thing I truly love about my internship is just as soon as you think you got all figured out, there is always something new to learn.