Featured Fellow: Taija Peterson

LaTaija Peterson 2Today’s Featured Fellow is Taija Peterson!

Taija Peterson is a May 2016 graduate from Bennett College. Taija’s degree is in journalism and media studies, and she is joining the team at Union Square as the Phase II intern this summer. In Greensboro, Taija’s favorite things are festivals, various restaurants, and the number of colleges and universities located downtown.

Taija shares about her internship experience and the overall Fellows Program:

My internship experience with the Fellows program has been nothing short of amazing! Not many students/recent graduates go into an internship with all of the support that my colleagues and I have received from professionals in the community who care about our future and preparing us for a career. Working with Union Square Campus has been rewarding for me in so many ways. Aside from having a voice on a major project, I know my supervisors are there to support me along the way and have constantly made sure my experience has been smooth sailing. I am learning many new things all while applying the knowledge and skills I already possess. Networking with the other Fellows has also been life-changing. I have had a chance to meet and connect with students and graduates who I may not have otherwise had the pleasure of meeting on any regular day, although we live and attend school in the same area. Other Fellows cohort members and I communicate outside of our jobs and connect on many other levels, as we share a common goal to be successful and thrive during the duration of this internship program! I feel extremely blessed to be a part of the Fellows Program for so many reasons and it is something that I will always be grateful for.