Featured Fellow: William Woody

2017 Fellow: William Woody

College/University: Greensboro College

Internship site: Engineered Steel Products

William’s mentor: Nancy Hoffmann

William’s experience:

I am very thankful and grateful for my internship at Engineered Steel Products this summer. I am a Sales and Marketing intern for the company. As their intern, I have conducted research on different content and layouts to update their website, and also researched digital marketing strategies. A job that has been important to Engineered Steel Products is updating compliance form templates to organize job information and help employees. In addition, my most recent project has been creating a customer survey. This survey is something new for the company as a means of collecting customer feedback.

Being a part of a business environment has been a really great experience for me, since I am a business major at Greensboro College. I have really learned a lot through my internship and the Fellows Program. I have also met a lot of new people this summer that are so nice and great connections for the future. I am very thankful and happy to be a part of the Fellows Program because of the great opportunities I’ve been awarded.