2016 Reception at VF Corporation

On June 16th, VF Corporation hosted a welcome reception for our Summer Fellows Program funders, mentors, internship hosts and Fellows. The evening was an incredible success as the students were exceptionally outgoing and excited to be in attendance. Business cards were exchanged like playing cards at a Las Vegas casino. Students expressed so much gratitude to the program donors and our community leaders were thrilled with the quality of the students and the program.

Eric Wiseman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, of VF Corporation welcomed the group and encouraged students to take advantage of all the opportunities the program will provide this summer.

Randall Kaplan and Kathy Manning, trustees of the Leonard Kaplan Fund at the Greensboro Jewish Foundation, engaged with the Fellows who shared their experiences with the Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute at the Center for Creative Leadership.

At the end of the evening, Aaron Rapp, a PhD student at UNCG, thanked the program staff for the event and expressed excitement for everything to come in the program.

Special thanks to Donna Jackson and Debra Bussey at VF Corporation for all their hard work putting such a lovely evening together.