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5 Tips for Winter Break

With winter break around the corner, many college students will be going home to relax, work for a few weeks at their hometown job, or travel. For students interested in applying for the 2018 Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program, here are a five tips to keep in mind during winter break:

  1. Summer internships: Start thinking about summer 2018 internships in Greensboro! The spring semester (or January term) will be here before you know it, and the Fellows Program deadline is February 26. Reminder: The Fellows Program is more than just an internship…it is a 10-week summer internship program where you intern during the work day and then participate in weekly programming, which includes networking. leadership development, professional development, and social engagement.
  2. Letter of recommendation: Consider who you will ask to write you a letter of recommendation, which is required for your Fellows Program application. This needs to be written by a professional reference (no family members or friends). TIP: do not wait until the last minute! Give your reference plenty of time to write your one-page letter.
  3. Resume updates: Open up your resume and make sure it is updated to reflect your current situation: correct graduation date, current job/internship/volunteer experiences, and past experiences (make sure the dates are correct and the tenses are correct in your bullet points). TIP: Schedule an appointment with a career advisor in your campus career services office for December or early January! Career services staff are a great resource – don’t forget they are there to help with your professional development.
  4. Cover letters: some of the internships posted on the Fellows Program website require a cover letter. Never written one before? Now is time to think about what you will include in your cover letter. TIP: Career services can also help with this!
  5. Video: Watch this brief Fellows Program video (below) to gain a better understanding of what the summer will look like in Greensboro if you are accepted into the 2018 program (class three)! TIP: The Fellows Program is extremely competitive – if you are hired by one of the internship hosts, you will then be part of class three (cohort-model). Take time to work on your application materials to ensure you have the best chance of receiving an interview.