Featured Fellow: Christian Zamora

Today, our Featured Fellow is Christian Zamora!

Christian ZaC.Zamoramora has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UNCG and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration from UNCG. This summer, Christian is interning downtown at Secure Designs, Inc. When Christian has free time, he enjoys riding motorcycles, cooking, playing video games, traveling, and reading.

Continue reading about Christian’s experience as an intern at Secure Designs, Inc.: From the onset of the internship, I was given the freedom to assume responsibilities and perform tasks with a great degree of autonomy.  To date, I have completed tasks involving research, data analytics, public relations, and monitoring social media. At Secure Designs, I am assigned a goal or an end game; the means are up to my discretion. This is in contrast to the academic environment, where the means to come to various conclusions and results are the result of an instilled, proscribed process. The autonomy afforded me by Secure Designs has enabled me to employ my classroom-derived, theoretical approach as I see fit in a very empowering way.

Coming from a political science and MBA background, I have a fairly unorthodox mixture of skill, and I’ve been able to incorporate them both at Secure Designs, even though they are a technology-based service provider. I would imagine there are few opportunities for interns where one has the opportunity to meet with the CEO on a regular basis as well as sit in on high-level meetings at the CEO’s request. I’ve found that even though Secure Designs is a relatively small company in terms of employees and total revenue compared to some corporate participants in the program, this has actually worked to my advantage. A large degree of autonomy and decision-making, along with working in concert with top management in a very horizontal, entrepreneurial style has enhanced the value of my internship greatly, and has contributed substantially to my professional development.