Featured Fellow: Eric Newsome

Please meet today’s Featured Fellow, Eric Newsome!

Eric Newsome is a rising junior at UNCG studying finance with a minor in accounting. This summer, Eric is interning at Global Brands Group with the finance/treasury department. Originally from Charlotte, Eric appreciates the history and culture behind the city of Greensboro.

Eric shares about his internship experience at GBG: 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Global Brands Group. At the age of 21, not many of my peers can say they have been exposed to real world corporate America. Over the past 7+ weeks here, I have learned everything from Cash Management to Accounts Payable to Foreign Exchange. Being exposed to real world projects and real world issues with big corporations is something nobody should take for granted. It gives you a true reality check for what is to come in your years after college, and also prepares you to be that much more prepared than the next person.