Featured Fellow: Rae’Ghan Foster

Our Featured Fellow today is Rae’Ghan Foster!

Rae’Ghan Foster graduated in May 2016 from NC A&T with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design. Originally from Spartanburg, SC, Rae’Ghan joined the compliance and operations team at Global Brands Group for her internship this summer. In Greensboro, Rae’Ghan appreciates the variety of eateries and the abundance of things to do in the city!

Read about Rae’Ghan’s internship experience thus far:R.Foster

The internship at Global Brands Group is definitely of great value to me. These past eight weeks at GBG have been nothing short of amazing. Coming in, I never knew anything about what an individual in Customs Compliance actually did, but to my surprise, I have been able to apply skills and knowledge acquired during my tenure at North Carolina A&T State University to practice, especially to understand key parts about a role in Customs Compliance. Throughout my internship, I have worked on projects which include creating various interactive master classification lists to help individuals in production with classifying goods, updating many running lists to keep track of where we are, and what information we do have/don’t have, and sending emails to our clients/customers to begin duty drawback applications. In addition, I had the opportunity to help create a presentation to present for our CTPAT Validation to Customs Border Protection. I’ve really come to love everything about this company, its culture, the environment, and the people. One important thing I’ve learned from this internship is that organization, relationships, and attention to detail are key!

I really appreciate the many opportunities I’ve had as being a part of the Summer Fellows Program thus far, and I look forward to keeping in contact with everyone I have been able to build relationships with. Without this program, none of what I have been able to experience may have been possible.