Featured Fellow: Essma Boucteb

Please meet today’s Featured Fellow, Essma Boucteb!

Essma Boucteb graduated from UNCG in May 2016 with a degree in Communication Studies (concentration in Psychology). This summer, Essma is interning with the City of Greensboro and working directly with the City Manager’s office. In her free time, Essma enjoys reading, painting, and exercising.

Essma shares about her internship experience thus far: E.Boucteb

Every day, I am grateful for the privilege to have such an enriching experience with the City Manager’s Office and the City of Greensboro. I feel like I have been at my internship for more than five weeks because of all the knowledge I have gained, the inspiring people I have met and the amazing experiences I have had thus far. I am fortunate to be surrounded by so many successful individuals and leaders who I see as my mentors and role models. So far, I have been assisting the City on a project involving educating the public about the budget planning process via technology. Participating in an important project like this makes me feel like a contributing member of this great organization. Some other things I have accomplished in this short period are announcing weekly events on the Greensboro Television Network called FYI Weekly and drafting the script for future segments. I have also assisted Parks and Recreation with their Summer Night Lights program and will continue to do that in the future. Aside from my projects, I am constantly exploring the different departments and divisions within City Hall and learning more about how the city is run from behind-the-scenes.

Additionally, this internship would not have been possible without Opportunity Greensboro and Action Greensboro, and I am thankful for a program that encourages young professionals like me and the other 35 Fellows to explore the possibilities in Greensboro. I am grateful to now know peers who are as driven, persistent, and high achieving as I am, and I consider them to be a great support system for me. All in all, I am enjoying this experience very much and I anticipate great things coming out from it.