Featured Fellow: Ian Pomeroy

2017 Fellow: Ian Pomeroy

College/University: Elon University

Internship site: Launch Greensboro

Ian’s mentor: Andy ZimmermanAZ Development

Ian’s experience: Being a fellow in the program has been a great opportunity to learn about all the unique opportunities in the Greensboro area. I’ve been consistently impressed with how many fun, new things there are to do in Greensboro, and the Fellows Program has helped introduce a lot of them. The work I do as an intern at Co//ab, a co-working space that provides a lot of great resources for entrepreneurs and startups, has been just as rewarding, giving me the opportunity to grow professionally.  By working with so many exciting and driven entrepreneurs, I’ve gotten some great insight into the business landscape of Greensboro.  I’m confident that by the end of the summer, I’ll have a brand new perspective on Greensboro as a city, the culture of innovation here, and the opportunities that exist within the area.