Featured Fellow: Venkat Aditya Valluri

A.Valluri 2Please meet today’s Featured Fellow, Venkat Aditya Valluri!

Venkat Aditya Valluri will graduate with a Master’s degree in computer science from UNCG in December 2016. Originally from India, Venkat Aditya aspires to work as a data analyst for a reputable company. This summer, he will serve as the Data Integration intern at United Guaranty Corporation (UGC).

Learn more about Venkat Aditya’s first few weeks at United Guaranty Corporation: 

I would like to thank the Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program for giving me this opportunity to work at United Guaranty as a Data Analyst. This program has helped me gain a lot of knowledge in my field of interest, Data Sciences, and also helped me to learn how the corporate world runs.

As a part of the Data Integration team, my manager and my mentor at UGC guide me in the best possible way to do my work. I am working on a project where I have to coordinate with many different teams to get the end result, thus I attend meetings with many senior members of the company. This helps me to learn how the corporate world functions and how to communicate my requirements and listen carefully to what others say. On the technical side, I am learning new things every day. The technology I am working on is very new to the market and the fact that I am getting hands on experience with the technology is a very valuable experience. I am very happy to be part of this team, and the only reason for me to come from India to the USA was to learn and gain expertise on this technology, as well as good industry experience in the field of Data Science. Ultimately, I feel I am building my career path in the right direction.

Finally, I want to thank the Opportunity Greensboro leaders and program staff again for this opportunity and also thank you for allowing me to meet all the wonderful people with whom I get to explore Greensboro with every weekend.