From Summer Intern to Full-Time Analyst: Antonio’s Story

Antonio Alamillo is a 2020 Campus Greensboro Summer Fellow Alum. Throughout his last summer in undergrad, he interned with Arch MI as an Enterprise Risk Management Intern and loved his experience with the company. After graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in May 2020 from UNC Greensboro, he rejoined the Arch MI team as a full-time Treasury Analyst.

Keep reading to learn more about Antonio’s story from summer intern to full-time analyst at Arch MI. He shares what made his internship experience special, why students should intern with Arch MI, and what his life looks like now as a full-time young professional in Greensboro!

Could you describe your Campus Greensboro Fellows experience? What did it mean to you? What did you learn from being a Fellow?

My Campus Greensboro experience was definitely the highlight of my summer!

I attended virtual events once a week, and these events ranged from fun, networking activities to educational courses on professional development and leadership. From these events, I learned how to best excel in the workplace as an intern and gained 100+ connections throughout the process.

Being a Campus Greensboro Fellow was also great in expanding my general business acumen, combined with the practical information I was learning in my internship within the Enterprise Risk Management department at Arch.



Why should a student consider interning with Arch MI for the summer?

Related to work, Arch has an extremely well-designed program for each intern, as well as group activities.

There are several events to get to know the other Arch interns, as well as the high level executives. I actually had several one-on-one meetings with executives in the C-Suite, which was totally unexpected. I was constantly learning and networking as an intern, and it worked out quite well in spite of the internship being all online.

One thing that especially stuck out to me while at Arch was the way interns were treated. We were treated as full-time employees and as members of the Arch family, and we were never seen as the “insignificant stereotypical intern” with menial tasks.

Everything we did as interns had an actual purpose in helping the company. Outside of work, Arch has a great work-life balance. Also, the benefits, even as an intern (pay, educational resources, Arch gear, etc.), are amazing. I couldn’t be happier with Arch, and I know many people who would agree.


How did your internship experience with Arch MI influence your decision to work their full time? What about the experience that made you want to stay?

I knew from Day 1 that I wanted to work at Arch MI! Everyone was extremely welcoming, and the internship was well-structured. While the internship was challenging, I never felt like it was too stressful, or like I couldn’t reach out to someone on my team for help. When considering working full-time at Arch, I also knew there were many opportunities for both professional development and becoming involved in the local community. The strong sense of community at Arch, combined with resources available for future success, were the main reasons why I wanted to stay.

What is it like transitioning from an intern to a full time role at Arch MI? What advice do you have for other Fellows who might make that transition?

Transitioning from an internship to a full-time role is not as different as I expected. With a full-time role, the learning curve and expectations are higher, but there’s no limit on the projects you can do or time spent with the company. As long as you work hard, you have the incentive of promotions and bonuses long-term as a full-time worker. These two incentives were my main motivators as I considered an entry-level employee position.

Time and scheduling is also different as a full-time worker. I have a more flexible schedule during the day working full-time now, but work more hours per week than I did as an intern. The internship process was intense because there was always an event happening while I was working full-time, but there was never a dull moment.

What are your favorite things about your current role at Arch MI?

Thinking about my position specifically, I studied economics and math while an undergraduate, so I was looking for a position where I could work within finance or data analytics post-graduation. My job as a Treasury Analyst is a perfect fit, because the majority of what I do is analyze financial data of the company and industry, along with macroeconomic trends, to help inform the company on our financial standing and what we could improve.

In general at Arch, the people are still welcoming, and there are so many perks to the job! Whether it’s a huge blanket as a Christmas gift or tickets for a Greensboro Grasshoppers game (post-COVID-19), I truly feel at home at Arch.