How to “Give Back” as a Young Professional & College Student

It’s “Giving Tuesday” and December 1, 2020. We know that there is a lot on your mind. You want to give back and help where you can, but you are also at the end of your college semester, taking finals, and on a tight budget from an unpredictable fall semester. You might be wondering…how can I give back as a college student today? 

We have good news. You can give back in a lot of ways and some may be simpler than you think! Here’s a list of reminders for Giving Tuesday to consider as you give back today!

Reminder #1: It’s not about how you give it’s about why you give. 

Giving back to an organization is about supporting that organization’s mission and vision in your community. While you may not be able to give the largest donation, you can still make a huge difference by sharing your experience as a college student on Giving Tuesday! You can make an impact by sharing your story of giving; plus, most organizations become well-known within communities by word of mouth – so spreading their mission and vision through your story is a great gift for Giving Tuesday!

You can also share you 2020 Giving Tuesday story here and get involved official Giving Tuesday livestream.

Reminder #2: Time & talent are meaningful ways to give back. 

Organizations and nonprofits need much more than financial resources to carry out their mission in the community – they need people! If you are looking for ways to get creative this year, think about how you can give your time and talent back to your community. Do you know how to play an instrument? Volunteer at a local band camp. Do you enjoy taking dogs for walks? See if an elderly neighbor could use a hand with their new poodle a few days a week!

The possibilities are endless, check out another list of ways to give back here.

Reminder #3: Items & household goods are great ways to give back. 

Spring 2020 (along with the rest of the year) was a little different than what we anticipated, so you might have put off spring cleaning this year. Well, it’s never too late! Take some time this week to look through items in your house that you do not use anymore or have never been used before. Pull them out, box them up, and share your items with a community center or organization that can put those them to good use! Just remember, all items are not good items to donate. Read up on some ideas and tips here  on how to donate used items before you give!

Reminder #4: Giving Tuesday is just one day, but giving back is a year-round attitude. 

Giving Tuesday is an amazing day each year. However, it is just one day and our communities need us to show up consistently throughout the year, every year! In the months ahead, try small strategies to give back to your community consistently like donating blood, putting back consistent money for giving each month, or volunteering one Saturday a month at a local organization. These small practices build up to create strong community advocates and individuals who give back all year round!

Have you participated in Giving Tuesday as a college student? Tag #GSOismycampus along with #GivingTuesday so we can share your story today!