Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute Reflection by Muhammed Akbay

M.Akbay 2

I knew from the start that the Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute would provide me knowledge and wisdom regarding leadership as soon as I met our vibrant and passionate coordinators of our CCL leadership program. Our coordinators effectively engaged the Fellows cohort with the materials presented, thus they were able to energize the Fellows and effectively have everyone participate during activities; this meant a lot to my personal experience.

From the get-go, our coordinators broke the ice and established a positive, diverse, and welcoming aura, this in return allowed for the class to share ideas and experiences during our lessons. It was amazing seeing the diversity of our mental models that we have created to define what leadership is! This experience has simplified the concept and practicality of what a leader is and what they do. I can say, with humbleness, that I have extracted valuable lessons from my experience.

Thank you! Muhammed