Linkedin Workshop 1

LinkedIn Workshop

The first installment of the Professional Development Series for the Fellows was a LinkedIn workshop. For most of the Fellows, their current internship is their first internship, which is great – the challenging part can be translating an internship experience to put it on your resume and LinkedIn profile! As current students or recent graduates, it is easy to let your LinkedIn profile sit idle; however, it is important to keep LinkedIn updated and error-free at all times.Image 2

The Fellows all have recent professional headshots, great current internship experiences, and the opportunity to utilize LinkedIn to connect with their colleagues and mentors, peer Fellows, and everyone they continue to meet at Fellows events.

Although the workshop focused on LinkedIn, one piece of advice Beth shared with the Fellows was to google their name periodically (think: once per month). It is important to be conscious of one’s online presence, and Beth recommends using LinkedIn as the main professional networking platform, while maintaining awareness of what populates on a google search/image search when you enter your name!

If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in a while, now is a good time to reset your forgotten password, log in, turn off network notifications, and make updates so your profile reflects your most recent professional experiences!