Featured Fellow: Eric Goding

Please meet our Featured Fellow, Eric Goding!

Eric Goding is a May 2016 Elon University graduate who majored in statistics and applied mathematics. Originally from Tampa, FL, Eric appreciates the small town feel in a bigger city of Greensboro. In the fall, Eric will begin a Master’s program at UNC for Statistics and Operations Research. This summer, Eric will join United Guaranty Corporation as the Data Science intern.E.Goding

Eric shares about his Data Science internship at United Guaranty Corporation:

My internship at United Guaranty has been amazing so far. As a member of the newly created Data Science department, I get to work with more long-term, analytical projects that deal with big data. These projects give me a lot of free-reign to apply what I learned at Elon and other previous experiences. What I expected to get out of the internship was a position where I would get to apply some of the specific processes and methods that I learned at Elon. However, while I have been able to use a few specific methods, I am realizing more and more every day that the true value of my education is not those nitty-gritty processes that I learned, but rather the ability to approach a brand new problem and create a plan to tackle it. This truly is the first time I have valued my Math/Stats degree from a liberal arts school so heavily, but it surely won’t be the last.

The city of Greensboro itself has allowed me to have an adventure nearly every day. As much as I love Elon for what it did for me, I never really sought to leave the college bubble while I was there and explore the surrounding areas. This opportunity has allowed me to do that. I have biked to the northern and eastern extrema of the city (Lake Brandt was gorgeous!), I have been able to try a new restaurant nearly every day at lunch, and I have even been able to see one of my favorite bands completely for free. All and all, not a bad place to spend the summer!