The State of Our Community

On August 24th, 2016, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce hosted an annual event, The State of Our Community. At the luncheon, over 800 community members learned the progress that has been made in Greensboro over the past year is the direct result of many, many organizations coming together under one mission; unified progress. Attendees heard from and learned about Kids Poetry Basketball, the Minority Business Accelerator, the 2017 Intercity Visit to Columbus, Ohio, Guilford County Schools and the new superintendent, Sharon Contreras, and updates about the Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program.

Beth Mannella, Program Director for the Opportunity Greensboro Fellows Program, gave an overview of the program’s goals, as well as how the program has multiple effects for the city of Greensboro. Jasmine Forte, one of the 36 inaugural Fellows, took the stage to share about her individual experience as a Fellow. Jasmine made the crowd laugh when she said, “Back in March, the Career Services office at A&T sent an email with the subject ‘Are you looking for a Paid Internship in Greensboro?’ and I began my application immediately!”

Jasmine expressed gratitude for the Leonard Kaplan Leadership Institute, where she learned how to be a better leader, listener, and team member – an experience she will forever be grateful for. In addition, audience members learned about Jasmine’s internship at RLF Communications and how she will continue her internship as a Communications Specialist this fall! As a Fellow, Jasmine learned so much more about Greensboro and enjoyed exploring the city throughout the summer. Jasmine sent a powerful message to the audience about how much the Fellows Program meant to her and shared that as an upcoming December graduate from NC A&T, she looks forward to beginning her job search here in Greensboro.

Three additional Fellows joined the event (Lisanne Bluemel, Venkat Aditya Valluri, and Darrien Staton) and appreciated learning about The State of Our Community.