The Campus Greensboro Fellows Program is a competitive summer program that includes a paid industry internship and opportunities to build your network, enhance your professional development, engage in the community, and explore Greensboro as a place to thrive as a young professional.

Through the Fellows Program you will:

  • Gain industry experience through a paid internship
  • Unlock leadership potential during a 2-day training 
  • Network with business and community leaders throughout our city
  • Match with a mentor to assist you in your professional goals
  • Engage with other Campus Greensboro Fellows

Life of a Campus Greensboro Fellow

Dive into an enriching summer with the Campus Greensboro Fellows Program and give your career a significant boost. When you become a Fellow, your journey extends beyond just landing an internship. You’re earning the opportunity to participate in a series of specially designed events, trainings, and workshops that will be held each week, crafted to complement your internship with valuable learning and networking opportunities.

This program isn’t just about enhancing your resume; it’s an invitation to join a community of ambitious students eager to grow professionally and personally. Throughout the summer, alongside your cohort, you’ll engage in a variety of activities—from outdoor adventures and networking events with local leaders to skill-building sessions tailored just for you.

Starting in early June, the program aims to enrich your summer experience, ensuring that by the end, you’ll not only have gained new skills and connections but also a deeper appreciation for what Greensboro and Guilford County have to offer to young professionals. It’s more than an internship—it’s a chance to explore, learn, and prepare for a bright future.

“Students should apply for all the internships they can. When you’re prepared through internships, you’re ready to begin the work necessary to help organizations accomplish their goals. Internships can be the seed that propels students to where they end up long term."

Sommer Fanney, Former Fellow